3" x 3" swatch cards of Plover's organic cotton fabric are available for purchase. Larger swatches of our organic fabrics are available upon request.

**NOTE: Plover is pleased to offer a flat $7 USPS shipping rate on all swatch orders. If you are ordering swatches only (no other items in addition), select "Swatch Orders ONLY" as your shipping option at checkout.

Aqua Dots Swatch
Blue Dots Swatch
Blue Geometric Swatch
Blue Ottoman Swatch
Confetti Swatch
Gold Circles Swatch
Gold Waves Swatch
Gray Calico Swatch
Gray Squares Swatch
Olive Dots Swatch
Pink Roses Swatch
Pink Waves Swatch
Pinwheel Swatch
Red Dots Swatch
Red Leaves Swatch
Red Roses Swatch
Teal Confetti Swatch
Teal Squares Swatch
Thorns Swatch
Vine Swatch